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Argan Magic. Argan oil is no longer only the best kept beauty secret of Hollywood A-List celebrities; it is now the people’s miracle oil, thanks to its affordable price and versatile benefits.

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Argan oil, the Ageless skin care oil The Bridge MAG. Image

Argan oil, the Ageless skin care oil The Bridge MAG. Image

The all-in-one natural oil, Argan, has all the properties to ensure it becomes the most precious oil for humans. As well as having the potential to revolutionise the beauty and  health industry, Argan also soothes and heals baby rashes, acne, acne scars, beard and stubble rashes, hair loss, baldness, premature aging, stretch marks, sun damage, skin and nail damage, as well as being an agent for antenatal perineal massage and repair.

Mother Nature is the most talented artist of them all, thus we seldom go wrong when we are inspired by Nature.

The fuss-free 100% pure Moroccan Argan oil, a highly beneficial skin care therapeutic product, has recently been crowned by chemists, physicists and clinicians as “Nature’s most pure elixir”, and as “Liquid Gold” in North America.

Free from side effects, affordable, and easy to use for babies, toddlers, and men and women of all skin types and colours, Argan is one of the most powerful yet purifying of natural oils, and protects the skin from the effects of sun, snow, wind, and sea.


The popularity of Argan oil dates back over a thousand years. Its widespread use in the Western World, however, has a far more recent history: harnessed and utilised in several European countries from the 1990s, and in the US since 2000. 

The 100% pure, natural and organic oil originates from the singular Argan tree (Argania spinosa), indigenous to a small region of Morocco, North Africa. Morocco’s unique weather conditions, its blend of precipitation, heat, and humidity have always been vital and favourable for Argan trees to grow to their fullest potential.

Moroccan women have used Argan oil for its healing and age-defying effects for centuries.

The oil is produced from the green fruit of the Argan tree, valued for its endless nutritive, cosmetic and medicinal properties.

The tree produces the kernels, known as Argan nuts, which are the size and shape of almonds. Processing the nuts will produce the Argan oil, a unique commodity with culinary, medical and cosmetic uses.

Argan oil, the Ageless skin care oil

Skin is the body’s largest organ: it ostensibly shields us from pollutants in the environment, and assists our bodies in detoxification, as well as protecting our tissues and organs from damage. Our modern society attaches so much importance to the appearance of skin that the range of skin care products has dramatically increased over the decades.

In her recent article entitled ‘Skin Structure’, Dr. Victoria Lewis, a consultant dermatologist from Net Doctor.co.uk – the UK’s leading independent health website – wrote: ‘Skin forms the largest organ of the body, accounting for about 16 per cent of a person’s weight’.

Argan oil’s most beneficial use has been in its battle against the dermatological clock.

The use of Argan oil will not only add a healthy glow to our skin, it will also leave it feeling and looking noticeably younger. Argan oil will visibly decrease fine lines, leaving a satin-soft texture to any skin type and colour.

Broadly speaking food such as nuts, which are oil-rich in antioxidants, are likely to optimise our health and wellbeing. 

We have all been strongly advised by nutritionists to consume nutriments high in antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and E, in order to reverse the signs of ageing and prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

According to the Online Thesaurus, antioxidants are substances that can help prevent the effects of free radical damage in the body. In other words, antioxidants can neutralise the process of oxidation and cellular damage, both of which contribute to ageing.

Argan Oil for hair and nail treatment The Bridge MAG. Image

Argan Oil for hair and nail treatment The Bridge MAG. Image


The 100% antioxidant-rich Moroccan Argan oil is a highly recommended skincare agent.

This natural oil is believed to contain four times more anti-aging Vitamin E than any other natural oil. 

In fact, the free radicals which usually harm our skin cannot penetrate the protective shield of Argan oil.  The oil also contains some phytosterols (natural plant alcohols) which brighten and boost skin radiance.

As a result, the antioxidants found in Argan oil make it a perfect anti-aging remedy: the oil acts as a protective shield on our skin thanks to its restorative and anti-aging benefits.

The all-in-one Argan oil  is often used in body lotions, facial moisturisers, facial cleansers, make up, eye creams, anti-ageing treatments and general skincare products.

100% pure Moroccan Argan oil is the ultimate age-lift and wrinkles treatment: it regenerates the skin, keeps it porous by increasing its moisture and re-hydrating it, as well as ensuring or restoring its elasticity.

Moreover, thanks to its high levels of essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and prostaglandins, utilised by the body for immunities and inflammatory processes, as well as for blood clotting, Argan oil also alleviates joint pain and removes visible scar tissue.

Argan oil, the most powerful Acne treatment

The radiance-enhancing pure Argan oil is one of the most potent agents in natural skin treatments. It is rich in carotene and phenolic ingredients, which provide the antioxidant properties in healthy fats such as Omega 3 and 6, and which in turn play a vital role in making the skin look young and supple.

Understanding how acne develops will enable us to tackle the issue from its roots.

The human skin’s own natural oil – sebum – is produced in and secreted from sebaceous glands located under our skin and attached to the hair follicles.

The sebum acts as a protective coating that lubricates and waterproofs our hair and skin. Unfortunately, however, the same sebum will also nourish the bacteria responsible for acne. The excessive production of sebum blocks the pores of our skin, leading to acne-causing bacterium that spread pimples, acne and blackheads across the surface.

And here is another wonder property of Argan oil: it controls the excessive production of sebum, and, consequently, the bacteria that cause acne.

A rich and highly emollient oil, Argan is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Argan oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are also known to be highly effective in the treatment of acne. Moreover, its high Vitamin E content nourishes and renews the skin, as it replenishes and repairs the damaged tissues and cells. In addition, the miracle oil eliminates marks and scars from old acne, leaving the skin exceptionally smooth, luminous and spotless.

The non-greasy and easily absorbed oil should be used on a regular basis on the affected area to achieve best results.

 Argan Oil for Eczema and beard treatment

  • Argan Oil for Eczema

Argan oil plays a key role in the Moroccan diet and has been used to cure various skin conditions. It contains vitamin F and Omega 6 fatty acids, which speed up the healing process of damaged skin.

Argan oil is most exceptional for the sheer range of ailments it soothes and heals: not only skin-ageing and acne, but also eczema.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is usually caused by the hypersensitivity of the skin; it is a severe condition that can result in rashes, as well as scaly and itchy skin.

Common to babies and toddlers, eczema has been associated with asthma, and is likely to intensify if an infant or adult already suffers from periodic colds, flu, dry skin or allergies (such as hay fever or food allergies).

When applied on the area affected with eczema, the oleic and linoleic acids in Argan oil will soothe your skin effectively as well as protecting it against smoke, pollution and harmful sunrays.

Argan oil will hydrate and moisturise the affected skin, providing it with sufficient amounts of Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant which also combats the physical effects of stress.

  • Argan Oil for the treatment of beard and stubble rash

Beards can get itchy after a few weeks’ growth and the skin underneath can become sore, dry and itchy.

Argan oil can be used to moisturise the skin under the beard or stubble, which has a tendency to become too dry and flaky after a shower or bath and the use of shampoo. Applying the oil to your beard on a regular basis will make it look healthier and more colourful and feel softer and most lustrous.

To avoid the skin itching under the hair growth after soaping or shampooing it, you should apply Argan oil to soften and nourish the facial hair and make it look silkier.

Beards are not only a matter of fashion: there are also some health benefits in growing one. According to the University of Queensland, a hairy face can provide better protection from the sun. Researchers have found that men sporting beards are less exposed to harmful UV rays compared to those who are clean-shaven. It is believed that beards can also help delay the signs of ageing by protecting the skin against external agents.

Argan Oil for hair and nail treatment

  • Argan Oil for hair treatment

Hair loss is a crucial issue that affects both men and women of all ages.

Pure Moroccan Argan oil has been proven to enhance hair through consistent application. Do not hesitate to use some Argan oil if you want a stronger, brilliant, glowing and radiant head of hair.

Using Argan oil will moisturise your scalp and strengthen your hair follicles, as well as reduce the daily damage resulting from exposure to the sun and wind, or from any other chemicals that you use in your hair.

For those starting to lose their hair, increasing the blood circulation will prevent further hair loss: this helps to grow hair back as blood circulation to the scalp is one of the crucial factors in promoting hair growth.

Argan oil can also treat dandruff. Dandruff makes your hair heavy and obstructs the pores on your scalp, and this often leads to hair loss, because the hair doesn’t get the nutrients that it needs, which means the follicles have to support a weight heavier than they can handle, and the itching caused by dandruff leads to one scratching their head, which can in turn lead to hair loss.

Argan oil can dramatically reduce your dandruff if you thoroughly moisturise your scalp with it.

The all in one pure Moroccan Argan oil. The Bridge MAG. Image

The all in one pure Moroccan Argan oil. The Bridge MAG. Image


It has been clinically proven that pure Moroccan Argan oil can effectively stimulate hair growth.

  • Argan Oil for nail treatment

Most women value the quality of their nails, but many neglect their care. Just like the skin and hair, it is vital our nails are well looked after.

The good news is that affordable pure Argan oil will help you maintain groomed nails naturally, counteracting brittleness and dry cuticles. Applying the highly nourishing Moroccan Argan oil will make the nails stronger and more comely.

The beneficial properties of pure Argan oil are legion. It has been proven by clinical studies that pure Moroccan Argan oil can effectively soothe, treat and even heal various human ailments, as well as maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails.

Whether used as treatment for infant eczema or other skin conditions; by men to keep their beards healthy and groomed; or by women of all ages to achieve healthy hair, nails and skin; Moroccan Argan is the must-have natural oil for all the family.

You can purchase a sample of Argan oil by following the link below:


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