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[ 20 Dec 2016 | 14 Comments | 3,105 views]
“All believers in the Christmas spirit raise Your cups to fellowship and togetherness – Make sure you have yourself a MERRY CHRISTMAS.” Orchidée Wafo The Bridge MAG. Image

As we head towards Christmas and the New Year, children’s rights to peaceful upbringings in the UK and worldwide seem increasingly jeopardised as current news is dominated by children caught up in the world’s various vicissitudes.
As a matter of routine, our world exclusive editorial each December has always devoted itself to highlighting the plight of children in war zones. However, this Christmas, in addition to …

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[ 20 Nov 2016 | No Comment | 2,384 views]
Hypocrisie généralisée des dirigeants du monde qui se réunissaient pour commémorer les pertes massives des deux guerres mondiales catastrophiques tout en orchestrant de nouvelles. The Bridge MAG.Image

In November The Bridge Magazine editorial focuses on true crimes, allowing readers to understand what goes on inside serial killers’ minds in a bid to prevent more people becoming their victims.
This November, analysis and statistics on world civilian casualties due to bad politics, lies, propaganda and war brings politicians out on top as the most dangerous types of people, not only on a par with …

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