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[ 20 Jul 2013 | No Comment | 14,532 views]

The all-in-one natural oil, Argan, has all the properties to ensure it becomes the most precious oil for humans. As well as having the potential to revolutionise the beauty and  health industry, Argan also soothes and heals baby rashes, acne, acne scars, beard and stubble rashes, hair loss, baldness, premature aging, stretch marks, sun damage, skin and nail damage, as well as being an agent …

Beauty and Health, Featured »

[ 20 May 2013 | No Comment | 5,561 views]

From the freshness of spring to the heat of summer, whether we wish to boost our confidence or just want a youthful makeover, switching from daily to intensive beauty care will help us withstand the increasingly more severe and unpredictable weather conditions, and allow our skin to stay fresher and more resilient.
Summer is just around the corner and you shouldn’t wait till the last minute to make …

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