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[ 20 Nov 2014 | 2 Comments | 10,168 views]
Cecilia, la créature aquatique maléfique hybride : mi- femme, mi- poisson sans âme ou conscience possédant des pouvoirs surnaturels. The Bridge MAG. Image

The names of persons have been changed in the story below.
A handsome, rich and noble man of great wealth and eminent for his virtues found himself caught in the middle of a ‘mermaid curse’ after his one night stand beauty encounter ‘mystically’ transformed herself on the bed at dawn into a fresh fish, then vanished, leaving him with a curse that has to be lifted …

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[ 20 Apr 2013 | 21 Comments | 41,974 views]

The orchid flower might well prove to hold properties that could greatly enhance our health, skin quality, hair vitality, and even – if scientists can discover the secret to its long life span – our longevity.
The beauty and popularity of orchids has fascinated people throughout the centuries, but there is a lot more to this plant species than meets the eye.
It is a common truth …

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