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[ 20 May 2019 | No Comment | 536 views]

Philosophy, existentialism, religion-related topics,  the existence or non-existence of a deity, the ability and the  extent to which humans can use their free will to impact their lives and the world, are not usually  a child’s concern.

Michelangelo paining. The Creation of Adam.   “If God created us in his own image, we have more than reciprocated.” François-Marie Arouet(1694 – 1778), most famous under …

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[ 20 Apr 2019 | 2 Comments | 2,467 views]
The latest scandal features Australian Cardinal George Pell, the former Vatican number three. ‘Pell was sentenced to six years in prison for the sexual abuse of two choirboys.' The Bridge MAG. Image

As the world gets ready to celebrate Easter, the Catholic religion and many others have been shaken to their core more than ever: gruesome vices have corrupted the highest hierarchy of the clergies.

The most widely practiced religions of the world: Ethics versus Religion on Easter eve: crisis of paedophilia, sexual morality, radicalism and the downfall of religions. The future of faith is bleak. …

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