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[ 20 Jan 2019 | One Comment | 363 views]
Many apologies if our Contract of Happiness with your future self does not include winning the lottery, as winning the lottery will indubitably improve your living standards but will not improve your sense of discernment and self-fulfilment. The Bridge MAG. Image

Considering happiness is a ladder, it is believed that every human being is looking to reach the top level of happiness, but complete happiness is asymptotic.

Complete happiness is asymptotic. However, the paradox is that even of those who commit suicide it appears that the climax of their happiness is at that precise time that they hit the lowest rung of the happiness …

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[ 20 Dec 2018 | 2 Comments | 2,764 views]
«Que tous ceux qui croient en la providence de Noël lèvent leurs coupes pour le toast de l’amitié et de l’affection Assurez-vous de passer un JOYEUX NOËL. » Orchidée Wafo The Bridge MAG. Image

This magazine is best known to stick to its editorial guideline. It has become a tradition of our publication to devote our December world exclusive editorial to highlighting the plight of children caught up in the world’s various vicissitudes.
From the UK’s thousands of children stuck in unsafe Bed and Breakfast accommodation, to Cameroonian infants caught up in the ongoing Anglophone crisis, to those children on …