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[ 27 Apr 2016 | 8 Comments | 2,861 views]
Ranges of treatment are available from pharmacists, such as tablets, nasal sprays and eyes drop, to list a few. The Bridge MAG. Image

Atchoum ! Atchoum ! Le printemps rime avec  rhume des foins ou  rhinite allergique qui se transforme  en asthme bronchitique dans sa forme sévère.
Cette allergie saisonnière s’étend du printemps en été, jusqu’au début de l’automne.  Elle  dure approximativement de  Mars  en Octobre.
Selon les experts  de la santé,  le rhume des foins affecte une personne sur quatre au Royaume Uni  et plus de 20 %  en …

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[ 20 Apr 2016 | 10 Comments | 3,194 views]
According to The World Health Organisation, there are 180,000 deaths per year worldwide due to the Bronchial asthma condition The Bridge MAG. Image

As we head towards spring, more and more people will succumb to sleep deprivation and worsening asthma as a result of hay fever. 
Hay fever is one of the most common allergic conditions and tends to hit sufferers towards the end of spring, through summer, and into early autumn, lasting approximately from March to October.
Also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, hay fever affects one in four …

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