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We have lost our grip on natural health care: going back to basics may benefit our health, pre-holiday beauty treatment and help us withstand the harsher weather conditions.

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Shadowy stubble-bearded attractive man. The Bridge MAG. image

Shadowy stubble-bearded sexually  attractive man. The Bridge MAG. image

From the freshness of spring to the heat of summer, whether we wish to boost our confidence or just want a youthful makeover, switching from daily to intensive beauty care will help us withstand the increasingly more severe and unpredictable weather conditions, and allow our skin to stay fresher and more resilient.

Summer is just around the corner and you shouldn’t wait till the last minute to make good use of low budget beauty tips. Whether you have a swarthy, or more olive complexion, pale or more pinkish, we provide a few low budget beauty tips for women and men, from around the world.

The costs of conventional beauty treatments for today can be exorbitant. In  October 2012, a poll from the Press Association showed that men were spending on average £1,786 a year on beauty and fashion products, almost as much as women, on £2,462 a year.

Do we really have to splash out those kinds of yearly sums just to look fresh, sexy and healthy?

Centuries ago, the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used far less cosmetic chemicals than we do today; they might have made use of embalming to preserve the tissue of the dead, but when it came to beautifying the living, they managed this as impeccably as we do in our time, but at far less expense and with far more ingenuity as to how to utilise natural substances for cosmetic purposes.

They used natural products such as salt, lemon fruit, honey, sugar, and natural oils to exfoliate and rejuvenate their skins and achieve a youthful look.

  • Men: beards, stubble and five ‘o’ clock shadow

How to take care of the immaculate two days’ growth to achieve the perfect balance between the ‘office’ and ‘wilder’ look.

Bushy beards are no longer in vogue today, while the well-trimmed beard can prove time-consuming to maintain –so perhaps it is time to look for an alternative option: you will feel fresher with a well-shaped, shadowy stubble-beard this summer, as well as fitting today’s follicular fashion for men.

The stubbly two days’ growth look epitomised by the likes of Brad Pitt, David Beckham and George Clooney, as well as a number of celebrities and footballers, is back in fashion.

According to a recent survey carried out by The Bridge Magazine, three women out of five found stubbly or bearded men more attractive than clean-shaven ones. The female consensus seems to be that this sort of look is particularly sexually attractive, suggestive of masculinity, maturity and wildness.

For those growing a two day shadow, trimming and combing every three or four days, at a regular interval for approximately the same period of time, is the ideal way to maintain a ‘tidily wild’ look.

You can always purchase an affordable pair of professional barber’s scissors, or invest in an electric beard trimmer, to ensure the tidy look. A well-lighted magnified mirror will also assist you in detecting any uneven patches, abrasions or dry skin under the beard, after a trim.

To avoid the skin itching under the hair growth, after using a soap or shampoo, you should apply a mixture of natural conditioner, such as organic press jojoba and Argan oil, to soften and nourish the facial hair and make it look silkier.

Beards are not only a matter of fashion: there are also some health benefits in growing one. According to the University of Queensland, a hairy face can provide better protection from the sun. Researchers have found that men sporting beards are less exposed to harmful UV rays compared to those who are clean shaven. It is believed that beards can also help delay the signs of ageing by protecting the skin against external agents.

  • Natural teeth whitening and breath freshener from your fruit bowl
Lemon citrus fruits. The Bridge MAG. image

Lemon citrus fruits. The Bridge MAG. image

Our smile says a lot about us but our teeth are constantly exposed to the cold, the heat, food colouring, and staining from coffee, tea and cigarettes, all of which tarnish the natural bright ivory whiteness of the teeth, thus diminishing the charm of a toothy smile.

Using the latest advanced techniques of teeth whitening clinics to achieve a beautiful smile can prove harmful to the ivories in the long run.

Most tooth whitening products contain bleach and should be used with care. According to scientists, tooth whitening products that contain more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide are harmful. According to a report published by Cardiff Council in September 2012, their Trading Standards committee associated with dentists successfully prosecuted one dental company for selling a home tooth whitening kit containing over 10% to 30% hydrogen peroxide.

Apart from the considerable expense in chemical teeth whitening treatment, it can also prove counterproductive for dental health in the long run, because such techniques involve the use of dangerous substances that can actually accelerate tooth decay, gradually erode the gum tissues in the mouth, and consequently cause more harm than good.

There are affordable, natural tips for tooth whitening which can produce some impressive results.

The double impact natural lemon juice based beauty secret may not only restore the whiteness to your smile, but also help your breath stay fresher throughout the day. Lemon and lime are particularly effective in preventing halitosis.

A simple recipe of lemon juice and salt can work wonders as a natural tooth-whitening solution. But beware: this solution should not be swallowed: acid and sodium can be harmful to the stomach lining. Also, those with particularly sensitive teeth should be cautious as to the amount of salt and lemon used. As a general rule, a table spoon of lemon juice and a third of a tea spoon of salt should be sufficient for all teeth types.

Brush your teeth with this mixture, and rinse. You can also rub your gums with the white side of the lemon zest. Use this once or twice a week as a tooth paste and see it takes its effect.

The pH level in the mouth is greatly reduced if you squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the tongue. This also kills the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Good to know:

If bad breath persists, a visit to the gastroenterologist or the dentist will let you know if there is another underlying cause, such as a stomach problem or toothache breathing , a more severe type of toothache , due to your tooth core  infection.

For those who dislike the sourness of lemon, a crushed strawberry is a mellower alternative. Strawberry also has teeth-whitening properties.

  • Get the fuller, softer, glossier lips without makeup or surgery

The Beauty Company (TB C) Facts, Figures, and Trends report published in June 2012, estimated that on average, a lipstick sells every 2 seconds.

An article in the Daily Mirror during August 2012 revealed:

‘The average woman splashes out between £472 and £4,165 a year on beauty treatments and clothes, including £350 for mouth filler before heading off for summer holidays’ (depending, naturally, on their class/income).

No matter the shape of your lips, full, thin or thick, there are always natural and low budget ways to make the best out of their natural shape without going under the knife or using gaudy, cheapening lipsticks.

It is a common belief that lip gloss, lip balm or lipstick will soften your lips, making them look glossy, sexy, wet, round, plump, moist, healthy, full, alluring, irresistible, sweet, attractive, glistening and luscious.

Contrary to common belief, however, such beauty makeup accessories are not always the best way to combat dry, chapped and unhealthier-looking lips.

Exfoliation is the must. Not only does it softens your lips, it also helps them be more receptive to lip gloss, lipstick and lip balms.

Twice weekly exfoliation is the critical step, as it helps you to get rid of dead skin cells, leaving lips softer and smoother, as well as making them more moist and porous so that lip balms, lipsticks or lip gloss penetrate them better.

If you are experiencing dry, flaky or chapped lips, the affordable Sugar Honey Lip Scrub recipe seems to be the solution.


  • 1 tablespoon sugar:
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil:
  • 1 small container
  • Stir and mix the whole in a small container

Use the spoon to make a stiff and compact mixture, daub warm water on your lips in a circular fashion to facilitate the penetration of healing and moisturising chapped lips. Once finished, scrub, rinse and dry, and then apply to your lips a relaxing balm of your choice.

Additional tips to increase fat growth in the lips

The fuller, softer, glossier lips. The Bridge MAG. image

The fuller, softer, glossier lips. The Bridge MAG. image

Apply emu or fish oil mixed with castor oil on your lips every night. The high amounts of Omega-3 contained in emu and fish oil are proven to stimulate fat growth in certain areas of the body. Castor oil penetrates effortlessly each layer of the skin much more effectively than many other oils.

Moreover, as oestrogen is the hormone responsible for giving women feminine and full lips, small noses, larger eyes, and larger breasts, the sooner you introduce food rich in oestrogen into your diet, the better. Not only does this help to increase and disperse Omega 3 where it is most needed in your body, but most importantly, it also helps protect against the ravages of stress and age.

Fruits and herbs rich in oestrogen are: rhubarb, fennel, hops, anise, apples, cherries, plums, pomegranate, tomatoes, papaya, and parsley.

Vegetables and legume rich in oestrogen: red beans, soy beans  split peas, peppers, potatoes, pumpkin, squash, yams, garlic and eggplant beets, carrots, cucumbers, peas.

According to Dr. V. Craig Jordan, O.B.E., PhD and Vice President of the Medical Science at Fox Chase Cancer Centre:

‘Without the proper levels of oestrogen, women, and even men to a lesser degree, can’t function as well. Eating the right foods can help increase oestrogen levels and support the body’s natural systems’.

Even if we can afford a regimen of lavish beauty care, we should always judge and assess carefully our choices in this regard, as the natural options can be not only more economical, but also every bit as effective, while also being more beneficial to our long term inner and outer physical health.

The editor,

Rachel Tcheungna

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