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[ 20 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 4,205 views]
Homemade chocolate based beauty mask will exfoliate, rejuvenate your skin, and visibly help reduce lines and wrinkles. The Bridge MAG. Image

Commodity prices make chocolate a treasure. According to experts, cocoa costs are expected to double by 2020, thanks to its nourishing, embellishing and healing properties.
Costs of and demand for coca is getting higher as the world’s cocoa supplies are running lower, meaning most, eventually, may not be able to afford it.
Medical researchers believe raw, organic, cold-pressed chocolate is composed of the most important vitamins for …

Beauty and Health, Featured »

[ 20 Jun 2014 | No Comment | 22,232 views]
FAKE PILLS. No to the international pharmaceutical crime. The Bridge MAG. Image

Universal health concerns and patients’ safety remain among the thornier of topical issues and a huge challenge of our era, in a world where pharmaceutical brands are increasingly being targeted by counterfeiters.
Global life expectancies are at stake as a dangerous drugs trade impinging on the pharmaceutical mainstream has led to plummeting quality and safety standards in the UK and worldwide in recent decades.
According to the …