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[ 20 Apr 2018 | 5 Comments | 1,375 views]
According to the internet's leading statistics database and studies: The global export volume of coconut oil was projected to reach 1.78 million metric tons.’ In 2018. The Bridge MAG. Image.

A few days ago Caprice walked out nervously from her local clinic dumbstruck, clutching a positive skin cancer result caused by skin whitening treatment.
The thirty something investment banker who lives in London is now wondering how to break the devastating news to her partner and family.
In early April this year, when asked why she wanted The Bridge Magazine to share her experience, she burst into …

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[ 20 Mar 2018 | No Comment | 2,395 views]
Richard Lee, l'homme Derrière le look ténébreux ou la barbe de Moise comme diraient certains, le look assez strict, les sourcils épais et le regard perçant, se cache l'esprit pondéré d'un entrepreneur averti. The Bridge MAG. Image

The English public and fans from around the world have always been embarrassed about having only ever won the World Cup once, way back in 1966, in spite of having invented the sport.
But now ex-Premier League goalkeeper Richard Lee aims to bring football glory back to England by securing the world’s best young players at GK Icon global coaching academy.
Lee, the GK Icon founder and …