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[ 20 May 2018 | 9 Comments | 1,963 views]
Megan Markle and Prince Harry got married yesterday. “Love recognises no barriers…” Maya Angelo The bride and groom looking splendid together. The Bridge MAG. Image

As Megan Markle and Prince Harry got married yesterday, survey feedback opinion on British Monarchy popularity in Europe and worldwide has declined.
The royal wedding is too media-saturated to ignore. However, the mainstream broadcasting media and newspapers were mostly busy focusing on irrelevant details such as Megan Markle’s ethnic origins.
Maya Angelou on love once said: “Love recognises no barriers…”
It appears that the British monarchy is making …

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[ 20 Apr 2018 | 8 Comments | 2,437 views]
1) Selon un récent sondage The Statistics Portal, la principale base de données statistiques d'Internet et des études de plus de 22 500 sources, le volume mondial des exportations d'huile de coco devrait atteindre 1,78 million de tonnes métriques en 2018. The Bridge MAG. Image.

A few days ago Caprice walked out nervously from her local clinic dumbstruck, clutching a positive skin cancer result caused by skin whitening treatment.
The thirty something investment banker who lives in London is now wondering how to break the devastating news to her partner and family.
In early April this year, when asked why she wanted The Bridge Magazine to share her experience, she burst into …