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The Bridge Magazine not only publishes articles on the subject of health and beauty, but also offers advice and products geared to its readers’ needs and demands.
From our natural body scrub and facial mask products (for all skin-types) to expert advice on hair, skin and dieting – and tips on combating the dangers of binge-drinking and drug addiction – we aim to make our readers feel good about themselves…

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[ 9 Dec 2011 | No Comment | 35,902 views]

The world’s highest-paid footballer is to inspire one of its greatest fashion gurus after being spotted at a Milan red carpet dressed as a style icon.
From football-field dexterity to red-carpet allure, some footballers look clumsy in their outfits and their awkwardness and lack of grace can be seen in their exaggerated muscular body shapes. But Samuel Eto’o, the world’s highest-paid footballer, has just what it …

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[ 9 Dec 2011 | No Comment | 25,640 views]

It was all smiles when Caprice walked into that plastic surgery clinic in Malibu. She was determined to pay the price to look decades younger: this could finally give her back the confidence she had lost when she hit 30. Unfortunately, the surgery went wrong and not only she was left with a rabbit face but she will be paralysed for the rest of her …