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The Bridge Magazine not only publishes articles on the subject of health and beauty, but also offers advice and products geared to its readers’ needs and demands.
From our natural body scrub and facial mask products (for all skin-types) to expert advice on hair, skin and dieting – and tips on combating the dangers of binge-drinking and drug addiction – we aim to make our readers feel good about themselves…

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[ 12 Jul 2012 | 2 Comments | 3,044 views]

Your eyes tell a lot about you: whether you lead a hectic life with frantically busy schedules, or drive long hours to get to your work place, or have been partying all the weekend – and when you turn up at the office after a lack of sleep, the dark marks under them spell this out.
A minimum of six hours sleep a night is probably …

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[ 31 May 2012 | One Comment | 30,948 views]
With a healthy natural diet and plenty of exercise, staying young and beautiful is not difficult. The Bridge MAG. IMAGE

Dexter, a good-looking young man, was yesterday concerned about his weight after struggling to slip into his blue jeans a few weeks ago. He was later advised by one of his colleagues, Cindy, to follow the celebrities’ best-kept diet secret: the ‘Dukan Diet’.
Doing a job that involves sitting all day either in a car, plane, or in front of a computer, can frequently be health-threatening. …