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The Bridge Magazine not only publishes articles on the subject of health and beauty, but also offers advice and products geared to its readers’ needs and demands.
From our natural body scrub and facial mask products (for all skin-types) to expert advice on hair, skin and dieting – and tips on combating the dangers of binge-drinking and drug addiction – we aim to make our readers feel good about themselves…

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[ 20 Apr 2013 | 21 Comments | 18,463 views]

The orchid flower might well prove to hold properties that could greatly enhance our health, skin quality, hair vitality, and even – if scientists can discover the secret to its long life span – our longevity.
ORCHIDEE IMPERIALE the Longevity Concentrate
Contains the complete anti-ageing power of Guerlain’s Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract,
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The beauty and popularity of orchids has fascinated people …

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[ 27 Nov 2012 | No Comment | 4,659 views]

As the festive season approaches, with the spectre of dietary over-indulgence that is part and parcel of the Christmas period with and all its ‘trimmings’, there is greater likelihood that many more people will be tipping into obesity by the new year.
It is unhelpful that the mainstream media tends to depict the human tragedy of obesity in a broadly superficial, even judgemental, way. We live …