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In addition to running articles on culture and the arts, we sell masks, sculptures, DVDs, drawings, greetings cards and designer accessories by international artists.

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[ 24 Jul 2012 | No Comment | 3,324 views]

‘Sleepwalking artist’ Lee Hadwin is to revolutionise the way contemporary art is perceived after the Trump Organisation splashed out an undisclosed six figure sum on one of his masterpieces.
The 36 year old artist, who hails from North Wales, started drawing unconsciously at the age of four. He recently launched his debut exhibition, Vision, in London’s Barclays Premier Lounge, Regent Street, showcasing some of the startling …

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[ 31 May 2012 | One Comment | 9,502 views]
Rainbow-butterfly The Bridge MAG image

Mother Nature is the most talented artist. The colours we find in flowers, butterflies or rainbows are difficult to match in a studio. Moreover, we can only mimic these colours to add more beauty to our lives and the environment we live in, if we know which colours inspire positive thoughts and feelings and which do not.
Using this knowledge, we can try to use …